Evolvement Music Studio is a fully functioning protools recording studio located just outside of downtown Newburyport, MA.  Our newly constructed two story studio is complete with a drum room, a live room and two isolation booths.  We are experienced in the recording and production of music,  commercial advertisments, voice overs and jingles. Our recording projects have encompassed the genres of folk, roots rock, americana, indie rock, hip-hop, reggae, singer songwriter, blues and jazz.  Please take a look below at the list of artists that have worked with us at Evolvement Music Studio. We welcome you to visit us for a a tour of our studio to discuss your next project.


Melissa Ferrick, Candlebox, Ryan Montbleau, Zach Deputy, The Ballroom Thieves, Rustic Overtones, Cormega, Hot Day At The Zoo, Christian McNeil, Adam Ezra, Will Dailey, Spiritual Rez, Prospect Hill, Mean Creek, D. One, Jamie Kent and The Options, Jesse Dee, Keaton Simons, Taylor Carson, The Brew, Will Evans of Barefoot Truth, Shelly Fraley, The Alchemystics, Mamadou, Mighty Mystic & The Thunder Band, Michael Bernier of The UPRISING, FREEVOLT, Brothers McCann, Roots Of Creation, Jeff Bujak, The Mallett Brothers, Liz Longley, Crytstal Bright and The Silver Hands, Mike Cavanaugh, Darlingside, Evan Goodrow, Sarah Blacker, Paranoid Social Club, Flabberghaster, Kings of Crisis, Dan Blakeslee, Tan Vampires, Toussaint Liberator, Waylon Speed, The Mallet Brothers, Air Traffic Controller, Abbie Barrett, Spirit Kid, Jeff Conley, Richard James & The Name Changers, Girls Guns and Glory, Doctor Doom Orchestra, Jen Kearney & The Lost Onion, Soul Rebal Project, The Ron Noyes Band, Mission Hill, Chelsea Berry, Scott Barnett, Jamantics, Poor Old Shine, Cahill, Jonah Tolchin, Frank Viele, Kaspa, Bird Courage, AJ Edwards, Laney Jones, FREEVOLT, Bird Courage, Stellar Young, Spiritual Rez, Poor Old Shine, Eva Walsh, High Hopes Band, Mostly Young, Rockspring, Liz Frame and The Kickers, Susan Levine, Chad Verbeck, David Corson, McAlister Drive, Superfrog, Nerve 8, Red Tail Hawk, Destroy Babylon, Matt Jackson, Dead Air Project, Scott Bernier, Merrimack Delta Dub Set, Maudslay, Cara Domings, Marion Grace, Liz Bills of Analog Heart, Gentleman Outfit, The Wonder Mics, Kate Redagate, Josh Knowles, Ross Livermore Band, Fever Train, Romano Project, Nemes, Almost Righteous, Marina Evans, Strange Machines, Todo Bien, The Four Legged Faithful, Kiley Evans, Red Sky Mary, The Farthest Forest, Bandit Kings, Grown Up Noise, The Hush Now, English Tom In The Bookstore, The Naked Stills, Todo Bien, Dressed For The Occassion, Biscuits and Gravy, For The Record, Brian Sances and The Big 3, Western Education, Mundo’s Crazy Circus, Kingsley Flood, The Ballroom Thieves, Cask Mouse, Amy & The Engine, Balkun Brothers, We Were Astronauts, Ben Knight ...and more.


Mon thru Friday: 9am - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 9pm

Please note that we can most often make adjustments to suit your timing needs.


Hourly Rates for recording projects and photo shoots range from $40 to $65 per hour.  The price varies dependent upon project needs and total number of hours.  Please contact us today for information regarding pricing for your project.